Emoji Girl Goals

I’ll admit it: I don’t wear red as much as I should (currently working on this). But when I laid eyes on this vibrant off-the-shoulder gown, I realized it was my chance to pay homage to my favorite emoji of all time: the salsa girl! πŸ’ƒπŸ½

image3 (3).JPG

This Badgley Mischka creation is composed of chiffon layers and tiered ruffles that are made for dancing. This dress deserves some action πŸ˜‰ The more movement, the merrier! Disclaimer: I don’t actually know how to salsa, but I tried my best. Any one want to take some lessons with me?!


I love getting to try some not-so-practical pieces that I wouldn’t wear in everyday life, which is why I enjoy my membership at Rent the Runway so much. If you still like to ‘play dress-up’ like I do, then you should give RTR a try!

image4 (2).JPG

Speaking of being impractical: I have to remind myself sometimes that fashion should simply be fun. And wearing this dress is just that! I had the song “Havana” on repeat and kept dancing and singing, despite the sweltering temps and people passing by. It was a great reminder to not take myself too seriously!

image1 (13)

Even with the heat and risking my two front teeth to climb down these stairs while looking the other way (multitasking at its finest), this has been one of my favorite looks to date.


Thanks to Sara at The Studio Magnolia for putting up with my caffeine induced craziness.

And last but not least, links to this dress and similar pieces if you’re feeling the emoji girl vibes:

Badgley Mishcka “Red Off Shoulder Ruffle Gown”
Alice + Olivia “Eloisa Off Shoulder Ruffle Gown”


Marchesa Notte “Off Shoulder Gown”


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