Beauty Business with Raffaele Ruberto Skin

If you have ever browsed through my medicine cabinet, you will notice I am a huge fan of serums, which is why I was thrilled to try out the Formula No. 9 R-lift Face & Eye Serum from Raffaele Ruberto Skin! So far I adore this product and cannot wait to try out the rest of Raffaele Ruberto’s collection, which is entirely all natural, organic, and non-toxic. His products are anti-aging and have both instant and cumulative benefits, so you can see things working right away as well as over time.

If it seems to good to be true, it’s not. According to their website, Ruberto’s R-lift Complex is clinically proven to “lift & sculpt the jawline & cheekbones, blur fine lines & pores, smooth uneven skin tone, erase under-eye puffiness, & dramatically increase hydration.” This is quite a tall order, but somehow Ruberto’s line delivers: tackling the five signs of aging all while being paraben, phthalate and synthetic free.

The proprietary blend in R-lift Complex features some standout ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C (anything with hyaluronic acid has a place in my heart). These can all be found in the R-lift Face & Eye Serum, which is also touted to “enhance the contouring effect of any good contouring technique” and is encouraged to be used as a primer. Is there anything this multitasking serum can’t do? Hint: no!

Last but not least, my actual personal experience with the serum was perfect. As someone with sensitive skin and occasional rosacea issues, I always worry that certain products can be harsh and that introducing something new will cause a flare-up. However, the serum did not create any negative reaction, and even features aloe as its first ingredient. It feels soothing and soft, while completely soaking into the skin (one of the many reasons I love serums). It’s safe to say I am obsessed with R-lift Face & Eye and seriously impressed by this brand, which I know will go hand-in-hand with my other favorite natural skincare line, Drunk Elephant. 🙂

A little skin selfie with the newest addition to my AM/PM routine.

Thanks to Raffaele Ruberto for sending me some goodies. 

If you are a Nordstrom Rewards Member, you can find Raffaele Ruberto Skin on their site. Sephora, time to get with the program! 😉

xx Hannah

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