Coffee & Cream

Coffee…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: cappuccinos with cinnamon, iced hazelnut lattes, and of course, espresso martinis (this recipe is my fave).


I’ve only been in a serious relationship with coffee for a few years now, but I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I crave it every morning and most evenings. When I’m not making it myself, I have an affinity for pour overs #fancyAF. But at home I use a Keurig for convenience sake (not a morning person here).


You can expect Starbucks Blonde Roast if you come over for a cup. I also have Blonde cold-brew in my fridge…I practically keep it on tap! It has nearly twice the caffeine than most other coffees and its so smooth, I sip it sans sweetener. Coffee doesn’t have to taste like s***, you know! 🤣


Moving on to cream. Oh how I love cream–the color and the condiment. It is one of my favorite indulgences. I have a preferred brand (is anyone really surprised 🙃) that I can only find at home. Kleinpeter Farms from Louisiana produces the thickest, golden-hued heavy cream that I’ve ever had. They also treat their herd humanely and do not use growth hormones! It is truly decadence without the guilt ❤️


This jumpsuit is the same rich vanilla color as Kleinpeter’s cream. However, it’s anything but heavy 😉 The linen-blend fabric is light and airy, and the wide cut pants seem to float over your legs. The cinched waist is flattering and wearing this piece feels effortless. **Spoiler alert: you may notice that I am a sucker for sweetheart necklines, cut outs and tie-fronts for spring and summer. And when a piece features all three, I’m on cloud nine.**


Now for this bag. Its also cream (although it says white on the website) and pearlescent…major heart eyes. It just happens to match my fave pair of sunnies right now, too 😎 #thelittlethings

Special thanks to Buddy Brew for letting Sandra Morlet Photography and me pop in during prime business time on a Saturday morning and enjoy some very good coffee.


xx Hannah

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