A Cinderella Story

Most of my posts here are fairly fun (albeit shallow) and light-hearted. I do want to make a point to start sharing more of what’s on my heart and mind. So be warned, I’m going to get a little personal today about an incident that I still can’t believe occurs.

I want to talk about mean-girl bullshit and something that recently happened to me. As far back as middle school, I can remember getting my own feelings hurt, or watching someone being made fun of. Truth be told, it made me more uncomfortable when it was someone else, because I could imagine myself in their shoes. I wondered if they were strong enough to stick up for themselves like I always had no issue doing (thanks mama). I’ve since learned that the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is what’s called having empathy. And I can be empathetic to a fault. However, its something I think this world needs a lot more of.

Speaking of shoes… that’s how this all started. I was at a close friends birthday party for their daughter and I knew going into it things were going to be a little tense. My ex and I would be in the same room for the first time in a hot minute. But it was nothing a little vodka couldn’t fix. Despite being somewhat anxious, it was a perfect afternoon with friends who feel like family, celebrating the sweetest girl in the world!

The party was indoor/outdoor, so I wore a gingham skirt set–harmless enough–and a pair of white sandals with a clear heel and PVC straps. These particular shoes were what I would describe as ‘fun shoes’– not at all expensive, very trendy, and okay to ruin. I wouldn’t cry all the way home if they got a little dirt on them!

Apparently those shoes, however, were a topic of discussion among a party-goer that I used to spend quite a bit of time with. I’m not naming names, but if you’re reading this, you know who you are. Your opinion was heard loud and clear.

Here’s a little tip the next time you want to gossip about someone when they’re breathing the same air as you: don’t do it. If you must voice your questions or concerns about what I’m wearing of all things, you can always say it to my face. I will be happy to discuss it with you directly. That’s why I write about fashion, after all 🙂

My so-called ‘glass slippers’ that you were making fun of (and trying to get a poor guy at the party to approach me about while you stood on and watched) are really not that bad. Did you really not have anything better to do? Was the party that boring to you? More importantly, since when are glass slippers a bad thing?! Side note: Cinderella was always a favorite movie of mine 🤣

I’m sure there were other things discussed that thankfully I wasn’t privy to, but this was truly absurd. It’s comical the things that people will grasp at to make fun of someone and in turn, feel better about themselves.

I’ve learned when someone acts this way, it’s usually a combination of things like too much liquid encouragement, poor judgment, and/or a lack of excitement for their own life. I’ve been there before and it’s not a fun place to be in. I do feel bad for people who find themselves in these situations, because it’s not a good look on anybody. I guess you could say I have empathy for them.

Like all things in life–especially something as trivial as this–I try to find humor in the situation and I couldn’t resist linking some of my favorite ‘glass slippers’ in this post. I’m a huge fan of the PVC trend. It is a flattering shoe choice for just about any gal and the options for this summer are endless!

Last but not least, I’ll leave y’all with some *choice* words from one of my favorite housewives Kandi Burruss (getting really deep here), because I feel like it resonates to this generation so much. Kandi writes: “If someone hasn’t been around you in years but they talk about bullshit… that means they’ve been watching…. please keep watching and being a fan…”

And in case you forgot, I can see when you watch 😉

Xx Hannah

RGHTMain Image - KENDALL + KYLIE Leila 3 Band Sandal (Women)

Estro Leather & PVC Ankle-Wrap Sandal Main Image - Giuseppe Zanotti Clear Studded Platform Wedge Sandal (Women)

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