Date Night Dressing

Let’s get real: dating is complicated (most of the time). Other times, it feels effortless and actually worth getting all dolled up for. Here are some tips that I use to help make my date nights easier and more enjoyable!


Tip number one: have a go-to dress on hand. I personally love this silky sundress. With slits on every side, it is def date-night ready (and sensible in the Florida heat!). However, I think its perfectly balanced, with a little leg to keep things interesting, and square neck to keep things in check. It is perfect to show off your figure while still being somewhat demure 😉


This particular dress is tried and true–I actually wore it out recently and never felt over or under-dressed. It is sultry and sleek, yes. But more importantly, it is not so restricting that you can’t concentrate on what is going on around you. And you are there to focus on another person, after all.


One of the worst things is being on a date and thinking about what you’re wearing instead of the person in front of you (unless they’re boring or rude, in which fashion is naturally more interesting). 🙂 So if you are wearing something new, always make sure to do a trial run before the actual date. That way you know if you are really comfortable in it, or if straps need adjusting, etc.


A borrowed style tip from our beloved royals–and a trick that gives you lots of options–is to carry a clutch or top-handle bag with you. I almost always do this mainly because I want a fun accessory (like this vintage bamboo bag) that shows a bit of personality. But in reality, it gives you something to do with your hands, whether your nervous or just like something to have and to hold!


Side note: I’m usually not huge on PDA when just getting to know someone. Of course, this all depends. However, if you happen to have a date that is just not getting the hint, you can take matters into your own hands (literally) with your clutch! 😉 You’re welcome!


But if you do hit it off and are feeling the love, a smaller bag is easier to manage with one hand. It’s a win-win in my opinion!


Whether it never stood a chance or it goes really well (lol- let’s hope for the latter), dating is always an interesting experiment experience :’)

Shoes are Steve Madden, earrings are Ettika, necklace is CAM jewelry from Canvas Fashion Gallery in St. Pete.
XX Hannah

Pink & Polka Dots

I have a soft spot for polka dots (pun intended)!


I noticed that this pattern is slowly creeping its way into my wardrobe. And I’m not mad about it.


I love the classic black and and white, but I am also obsessing over tan and cream versions. It’s so Pretty Woman chic (Julia Roberts is forever goals).


This top is frilly and fun, perfect for my girls weekend in Miami!


One of my best girlfriends from home (Mississippi) is flying in for the weekend. My other BFF and I are scooping her up from the airport and having a little road trip down to the Magic City!


One of my FAVORITE parts of these weekend getaways is actually the drive. Being trapped in the car with my besties is my fave 😉 We get time to catch up with no distractions (except for maybe some jam sessions). It is priceless!


Living in Florida certainly has its perks: like being able to run off to some beautiful cities and beaches for 5 star staycations.


But I do miss my friends and family at home more and more with each passing year, and lately I’ve been a little homesick.


Thankfully, this trip literally could not have come at a better time. These girls have been in my life for 10 and 20 plus years, so they are friends that have become family. That I can cheers to!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend! I know I will 🙂

XX Hannah

Accessory breakdown: Sunnies are Le Specs, earrings are Bauble Bar, bracelet is Hermès, bag is Milly, shoes are Target 😉

Stopping to Smell the Roses

If you’re ever in Florence, or considering going, do yourself a favor and visit Boboli Gardens.


I’ll admit, I had NO clue what we were stumbling into. But it was magnificent. We got lucky with the weather again for a bit, and it was a magical, springtime, stop-and-smell the roses moment.


Everything is some form of pastel: flowers, buildings, art. It felt like Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette meets The Secret Garden, AKA heaven. I had the biggest heart eyes all afternoon.


It’s not hard to imagine myself spending similar sunny days here, taking leisurely strolls, misidentifying flowers, and chatting about whatever random thoughts come to mind.

Of course, stopping by the Enoteca Pitta Gola e Cantina (wine bar) located across the street from the entrance to Boboli is a must before you go. It made the many stairs and hills more bearable on a warm day.


One of the most charming and colorful areas on the grounds are the Giardino del Cavaliere. Unbelievable views of the Arcetri (a hillside area full of landmark buildings) and the famous Torre del Gallo–an idyllic, castle-like building that is clearly visible–can be taken in here.


Inside the charming pink and turquoise home (this color combo–I die) is the porcelain collection belonging to the Pitti Palace. Imagine the daintiest, most detailed plates and platters you can think of. They are situated inside of this building, along with some historic art and painted glass chandeliers that will make you just swoon.


Be warned, there is no air conditioning or adult beverages nearby, so come prepared and wear smart shoes.


Some of the staircases are more attractive than others 🙂 and easier to climb. There was definitely some steeper areas and walkways that were simply dirt and rocks. My shoes didn’t have much tread and admittedly were not the best options for the walk.


But every slip, slide and step was worth each view we saw! Taking in the panorama of the hillsides, the city, and closeups of buildings like the fairytale Kaffehaus made the sweating and swearing all worth it 🤣


This was one of my favorite days and outfits on the trip. My dress is a Bloomingdale’s exclusive and perfect for days like these…get it before it sells out!

XX Hannah

Seduced by Le Sirenuse

The famed Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano has been on my bucket list for a while now. I had always envisioned visiting there under somewhat different circumstances, but I can assure you that the weight of this historical property can still be felt, even when dropping in for the afternoon.

Many creatives and travelers alike have been seduced by Le Sirenuse and it’s so easy to see why. It’s one of those places that surpasses expectations and delivers beyond what even your greatest imagination might have conceived. For a starry-eyed first-timer like myself, it was ethereal.

The decor was colorful and chic, but still felt appropriately old-world. There are hand-painted majolica tiles, floor-to-ceiling wall paper, vines growing inside (and out), fragrant flowers, fresh lemons trees galore, and even a bright neon sign to keep your eyes moving. ‘DON’T WORRY’ seemed to be the theme of the hotel, and for good reason. Worries don’t exist at Le Sirenuse.

Part of this is due to the employees. The staff is unapologetically attentive and polite. It’s like they have been trained to sense what you might want or need, even if you yourself don’t know what exactly that is. They do an excellent job of providing without being pushy (I hate pushy). They’re friendly yet professional. It was some of the best service I can remember in Positano.

The views are magnificent, to say the least. Even on a cloudy day, stepping out onto the terrace for the first time takes your breath away. It’s moments like these that make you question everything: like how can a place such as this actually exist, and why haven’t I been here until now?

I suppose that is the basis of traveling, the desire to see more of places that you have only read about, the allure of the unknown. To have these experiences and hope that they live up to your expectations, and subsequently to remember them as vividly as they happened. To share and tell stories about a different life you lived, if only for a a few hours.

This all makes facing reality and returning home that much harder. But that’s the beauty of traveling. It is a bittersweet experience that stays with you long after you’ve left.

If you’re like me, you dream about the day you will actually set your sights on those such as Le Sirenuse. You can’t imagine not visiting and experiencing what so many others have described as the best of the best. It’s a must.

When you’re finally there, it is certainly surreal. Taking in everything here can be overwhelming, and the flowing drinks don’t exactly help (but they don’t hurt, either). Is this everything you imagined it would be? How did you see yourself here? Is there anything that you’ve experienced before than even compares?

Originally, I saw myself here with someone else, in a different time and place, a different kind of moment. And I had planned that moment many times in my head. The reality was I was here with other people, for another reason, in a very opposite time. But it was no less mesmerizing, no less enchanting. So I stuck to the theme, let my worries go, and enjoyed it for what it was, which is nothing short of magical.

As the afternoon finally comes to an end, and you sign the bill (yikes), you reflect on how you felt. You try to project it in different aspects of your life, keep it alive. You’re forced to relive it through your memories (and many selfies), until you hopefully return again…perhaps in a moment closer to what you originally envisioned–or maybe–if you’re lucky, something greater than what you could have imagined.

XX Hannah

Dress is Line + Dot

Bag is Betsey Johnson

Shoes are Zara (last season)

Necklace is CAM Jewelry from Canvas

Pinch Me, Capri

If the island of Capri is paradise, than Anacapri is heaven on earth. After we made it to Positano on Saturday night, we woke up early for our first full day of exploring. A boat tour to the neighboring island was on our to-do list. Thankfully we got some sun that day (there was unusually chilly and rainy weather off-and-on while we were on the Amalfi Coast). It made everything the more picturesque.


On the water, we saw some of the famous symbols of Capri, such as the Grotta Azzura (blue grotto) and I Faraglioni (think Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ads from the 2000s). They were instantly recognizable, but still surreal to see in person.


As we rounded the corner of Capri, the sun started to peak out and the blue of the water really began to show. It is such a stunning hue, turning from a bright turquoise in shallow areas to a rich cobalt in deeper waters. I can see where D&G got their inspiration from! 😍


The sunshine (and okay, maybe some champagne) put a big smile on everyone’s faces. It was warming up as we approached the island, which was clearly a popular destination. Boats were dropping off people left and right and we decided that heading up to the less crowded (and cheaper) commune of Anacapri might be a good idea.


Anacapri sits at the top of the island, removed from the hustle and bustle of the main town. We took a *memorable* (read: life endangering) bus ride to the center of the commune, where the traffic just stops. I don’t remember seeing any cars past that point. Everyone was walking on the cobblestone street that snakes up the mountain. It felt untouched by time.


After walking for a few minutes, we stopped at one of the quiet cafes that lined the street. I had a cappuccino to start (the first of so very many), it being the tastiest option to fight the remaining jet lag. But the coffee quickly turned into drinks as we settled into vacation mode. Rosé felt like the right way to kick off lunch that afternoon…and vodka with–you guessed it–big fresh lemons!


It is clear that Capri is famous for their lemons, because they are growing everywhere, painted on every solid surface, and sold in some variation in every store. You can smell the citrus as you stroll along. Drinks and food (such as the famous limoncello and pastries) are all lemon-flavored, and the bright yellow is an accent on almost every building.


All of the little design details are what make this island so unique. The painted tiles (known as majolica tiles–more on this later) line benches, stair cases, and floors. The iron gates and railings pop on the white-washed walls, and the houses and homes are covered in flowering vines. There are gardens and greenery everywhere you turn, all set against the stunning backdrop of the sea, which just seems to melt into the sky. It is truly otherworldly.


While blue, yellow and white may be the reigning color scheme for this island, they aren’t afraid of a little pink and red, either! The museum Casa Rossa is a perfect example of this love for bright colors. And it was one of my favorite spots in Anacapri.


My dress is from Canvas, shoes are Stuart Weitzman from last season (currently sold-out), and my scarf is Forever 21 (similar linked here).

xx Hannah

A Cinderella Story

Most of my posts here are fairly fun (albeit shallow) and light-hearted. I do want to make a point to start sharing more of what’s on my heart and mind. So be warned, I’m going to get a little personal today about an incident that I still can’t believe occurs.

I want to talk about mean-girl bullshit and something that recently happened to me. As far back as middle school, I can remember getting my own feelings hurt, or watching someone being made fun of. Truth be told, it made me more uncomfortable when it was someone else, because I could imagine myself in their shoes. I wondered if they were strong enough to stick up for themselves like I always had no issue doing (thanks mama). I’ve since learned that the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is what’s called having empathy. And I can be empathetic to a fault. However, its something I think this world needs a lot more of.

Speaking of shoes… that’s how this all started. I was at a close friends birthday party for their daughter and I knew going into it things were going to be a little tense. My ex and I would be in the same room for the first time in a hot minute. But it was nothing a little vodka couldn’t fix. Despite being somewhat anxious, it was a perfect afternoon with friends who feel like family, celebrating the sweetest girl in the world!

The party was indoor/outdoor, so I wore a gingham skirt set–harmless enough–and a pair of white sandals with a clear heel and PVC straps. These particular shoes were what I would describe as ‘fun shoes’– not at all expensive, very trendy, and okay to ruin. I wouldn’t cry all the way home if they got a little dirt on them!

Apparently those shoes, however, were a topic of discussion among a party-goer that I used to spend quite a bit of time with. I’m not naming names, but if you’re reading this, you know who you are. Your opinion was heard loud and clear.

Here’s a little tip the next time you want to gossip about someone when they’re breathing the same air as you: don’t do it. If you must voice your questions or concerns about what I’m wearing of all things, you can always say it to my face. I will be happy to discuss it with you directly. That’s why I write about fashion, after all 🙂

My so-called ‘glass slippers’ that you were making fun of (and trying to get a poor guy at the party to approach me about while you stood on and watched) are really not that bad. Did you really not have anything better to do? Was the party that boring to you? More importantly, since when are glass slippers a bad thing?! Side note: Cinderella was always a favorite movie of mine 🤣

I’m sure there were other things discussed that thankfully I wasn’t privy to, but this was truly absurd. It’s comical the things that people will grasp at to make fun of someone and in turn, feel better about themselves.

I’ve learned when someone acts this way, it’s usually a combination of things like too much liquid encouragement, poor judgment, and/or a lack of excitement for their own life. I’ve been there before and it’s not a fun place to be in. I do feel bad for people who find themselves in these situations, because it’s not a good look on anybody. I guess you could say I have empathy for them.

Like all things in life–especially something as trivial as this–I try to find humor in the situation and I couldn’t resist linking some of my favorite ‘glass slippers’ in this post. I’m a huge fan of the PVC trend. It is a flattering shoe choice for just about any gal and the options for this summer are endless!

Last but not least, I’ll leave y’all with some *choice* words from one of my favorite housewives Kandi Burruss (getting really deep here), because I feel like it resonates to this generation so much. Kandi writes: “If someone hasn’t been around you in years but they talk about bullshit… that means they’ve been watching…. please keep watching and being a fan…”

And in case you forgot, I can see when you watch 😉

Xx Hannah

RGHTMain Image - KENDALL + KYLIE Leila 3 Band Sandal (Women)

Estro Leather & PVC Ankle-Wrap Sandal Main Image - Giuseppe Zanotti Clear Studded Platform Wedge Sandal (Women)

Stripes and ‘Sicles

Stripes and (pop)sicles sounds like summertime to me! Palm trees and pink walls never hurt, either.


This dress is perfect for those warmer days ahead. It features some of my most-loved looks for summer, like off-the-shoulder sleeves, cut-outs, stripes, and ruffles galore. I can’t get enough!


When its heating up, grabbing a cool treat at The Hyppo in Hyde Park is always a good idea. The hard part is picking a flavor! Champagne mango was my final choice. Two of my favorites in one 🙂

image2 (2).jpeg

Pairing this dress (and lets be honest, this yellow popsicle) with gold accessories just felt right.

image1 (2).jpeg

These earrings have quickly become go-to’s. They are light enough to wear all night and large enough to stand out, even with this hair.

I clearly wanted to carry the whole stripes and gold theme throughout. I think this DVF bag adds more to the mix without going overboard.


Xx Hannah

Images by Sandra Morlet Photography