Pinch Me, Capri

If the island of Capri is paradise, than Anacapri is heaven on earth. After we made it to Positano on Saturday night, we woke up early for our first full day of exploring. A boat tour to the neighboring island was on our to-do list. Thankfully we got some sun that day (there was unusually chilly and rainy weather off-and-on while we were on the Amalfi Coast). It made everything the more picturesque.


On the water, we saw some of the famous symbols of Capri, such as the Grotta Azzura (blue grotto) and I Faraglioni (think Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ads from the 2000s). They were instantly recognizable, but still surreal to see in person.


As we rounded the corner of Capri, the sun started to peak out and the blue of the water really began to show. It is such a stunning hue, turning from a bright turquoise in shallow areas to a rich cobalt in deeper waters. I can see where D&G got their inspiration from! 😍


The sunshine (and okay, maybe some champagne) put a big smile on everyone’s faces. It was warming up as we approached the island, which was clearly a popular destination. Boats were dropping off people left and right and we decided that heading up to the less crowded (and cheaper) commune of Anacapri might be a good idea.


Anacapri sits at the top of the island, removed from the hustle and bustle of the main town. We took a *memorable* (read: life endangering) bus ride to the center of the commune, where the traffic just stops. I don’t remember seeing any cars past that point. Everyone was walking on the cobblestone street that snakes up the mountain. It felt untouched by time.


After walking for a few minutes, we stopped at one of the quiet cafes that lined the street. I had a cappuccino to start (the first of so very many), it being the tastiest option to fight the remaining jet lag. But the coffee quickly turned into drinks as we settled into vacation mode. Rosé felt like the right way to kick off lunch that afternoon…and vodka with–you guessed it–big fresh lemons!


It is clear that Capri is famous for their lemons, because they are growing everywhere, painted on every solid surface, and sold in some variation in every store. You can smell the citrus as you stroll along. Drinks and food (such as the famous limoncello and pastries) are all lemon-flavored, and the bright yellow is an accent on almost every building.


All of the little design details are what make this island so unique. The painted tiles (known as majolica tiles–more on this later) line benches, stair cases, and floors. The iron gates and railings pop on the white-washed walls, and the houses and homes are covered in flowering vines. There are gardens and greenery everywhere you turn, all set against the stunning backdrop of the sea, which just seems to melt into the sky. It is truly otherworldly.


While blue, yellow and white may be the reigning color scheme for this island, they aren’t afraid of a little pink and red, either! The museum Casa Rossa is a perfect example of this love for bright colors. And it was one of my favorite spots in Anacapri.


My dress is from Canvas, shoes are Stuart Weitzman from last season (currently sold-out), and my scarf is Forever 21 (similar linked here).

xx Hannah

When in Rome…

I’m feeling very ‘girl on a train’ as I write this (currently en route to Florence from Naples). I realize this is a part of daily life for a lot of people, but I love the rail systems in Europe! They’re much easier and more comfortable than airplanes and buses. It makes a few hours travel somewhat enjoyable.


Viewing the Italian countryside as we go is another thing I won’t complain about. I’ve been drooling over just about everything I’ve laid my eyes on. To sum it up, my first few days in Italy have felt like a dream (perhaps that’s a bit of jet lag, too). I always knew I wanted to visit this country and I also knew I would like it, but I didn’t realize just how much.


I left Tampa on a Friday afternoon. After a seriously delayed flight from Chicago (we actually had to get a new plane–never had that happen before 😳), I woke up in Rome on a rainy Saturday morning. I had the whole day to myself. Luckily I arranged for a driver for the day so I could really see the city.


I totally lucked out with my transfer! Marco (my driver) was the perfect gentleman and despite the weather, we saw everything. I won’t say I hated him carrying an umbrella for me, opening and closing my doors, and even letting me ‘rest my eyes’ in the car while he drove to the next stop 🤤 (Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. Guys, if you’re reading this, take note! LOL.)


**I used an app called Blacklane to book my transfer. Its like an Uber for private cars. I would HIGHLY recommend it to just about anyone (can’t think of a single complaint for my first trip). They have a 24-hour cancellation/change policy, but were extremely gracious with my delayed flight and ever changing times. I felt safe and in good-hands throughout the entire ordeal.**


Marco and I had about 10 espressos between the two of us (the caffeine stopped working at some point), endless broken conversation, and a lot of laughs. He was very knowledgeable and knew exactly where to take me. It’s definitely the way to go if you’re by yourself and/or unfamiliar with a city. I rode around with the window down and a huge smile on my face when we weren’t on foot.


I’d heard mixed reviews on Rome, but I thought it was a lovely place. Yes, there were a lot of people around, but it was oddly quiet and quaint for such a large city. I didn’t get to do everything on my list, specifically experiencing the nightlife there, but I am definitely planning on coming back for a visit.


Thanks again to Blacklane for making my day easy, enjoyable, and effortless.


Xx Hannah

Havana Chic in St. Pete

When Sandra agrees that letting ourselves into an abandoned building is a good idea, you know you’ve found the one! 🙂

The old YMCA building in downtown St. Petersburg caught my eye one day. And I was determined to get in there, somehow, someway!

Luckily we met a friend inside, and he was happy to show us around the property. It is currently being renovated for residential use.

Everywhere you look there are stunning architectural designs and unbelievable historical details dating back to its construction in 1926. It felt worlds away from the modern buildings downtown that surround it.

The Mediterranean Revival building is five stories and features a beautiful tiled-courtyard, balconies, bell-towers; even a basement with a swimming pool. I was in heaven!

This dress and mostly all accessories can also be found in St. Pete, at my favorite boutique in the Bay, Canvas Fashion Gallery.

This dress is pure romance and the color is just beautiful. The shade was identical to the main wall paint inside of the building…funny how that happens, right?!

I chose gold accessories and these delicate hoops to compliment the dress. The straw backpack was perfect for exploring this hidden gem.

No layered-look is complete without my Scorpio necklace! For all you other signs out there, no worries, Canvas is an equal-opportunist for the whole zodiac 😉

I am excited to see the development (and cleaning up) of this building and I hope someday soon Sandra and I can take another tour when it is complete.

One more shot of this balcony, those columns, and that dress… 😍

As always, big thanks to Sandra Morlet Photography and Canvas!

xx Hannah