Just for Fun…

Starting the week on a Tuesday put me in a really good mood…until I remembered I’m working a medical conference by myself over the weekend. Send help! #storyofmylife

image1 (13).jpeg

Still, sleeping in on a Monday always gives me something to smile about. Just like this entire look. It is a FEEL good ‘fit!

image2 (10).jpeg

What you’re wearing can really transform your mood. At least that has always been true for me. If I like what I’ve got on, it makes everything better. If I hate what I’m wearing, we’re in for a LONG night.


This “fall in Florida” transition look (cruelest joke ever–fall in Florida) made me feel somewhat playful and a lot lighter, and it definitely shows.

image2 (12).jpeg

What also might show are maybe some sweat stains 😐 It was 90 degrees and full humidity the day Nina and I shot this. Despite all of that, I was still jumping around and smiling full force. Because that’s how much I’m feeling all of these pieces.

image1 (15).jpeg

Let’s break it down really quick: camo shirt jacket, perfect for warmer climates. Army green dress, totally trending and looks good with sneakers and heels. Cat-eye aviators, still crushing on these SO hard. Light gold hoops, won’t hurt your ears, but will show up in your hair. And last but not least, these blink-and-you’ll-miss-it iridescent gold tennis shoes. They are not boring white, but they are understated.

image2 (11).jpeg

Safe to say I’ll be reworking these pieces throughout my fall wardrobe. Because they put me in a good mood. And I need all the good moods I can get nowadays! 😉


XX Hannah

Nina Grace Photography