Simple for Summer…

It has been more than a little quiet around here, but I am not apologizing 😉  Sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you want to lay low. And sometimes its too hot to move…AKA summertime in the South (this includes Mississippi in July…just AWFUL).


One of the benefits of living in Florida is knowing that you can experience the perfect ‘beach weather’ here on any given day. I myself have voluntarily gotten in the Gulf over Christmas break (I’ll admit, it was a little chilly). But there’s something *special* about July and August here, despite football season and pumpkin spice everything making their annual comeback. 90 degrees and full humidity doesn’t feel fall to me 😐

image2 (3).jpeg

This is when that whole ‘less is more’ approach starts to make sense. Less clothing and less makeup for summer is a no-brainer. However, I might finally be realizing the less time I spend ‘fixing’ myself or picking out the “perfect outfit” (which I do know by now is a rareity), the more time I have to spend with friends and family. The light bulb is burning bright, y’all!

I do think I’ll always enjoy taking my time to get dressed for a night out, trying on multiple different outfits to find the right one, and combining three lip-glosses (#teamgloss, always) to get the perfect shade. Getting ready–when I’m not rushed–is actually a way for me relax, as odd as it may sound. I guess you could say I perform under pressure! 😉

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I know one day my ‘me-time’ might not be just mine anymore. Which makes it even more special! #singlewithnokidsperks 🙂 Regardless, I don’t see my love for clothing, makeup, and beauty products fading anytime soon. But I am finding that my personal style is becoming more simple, for summer and beyond. The same is going for my beauty routine, too. Whatever is effective and effortless, I’m all for! And dare I say natural, as well? (Who am I becoming?)

image2 (4).jpeg

I am excited to embrace a more simplistic style for now (and if I’m really lucky, maybe some fall-ish fashions sooner rather than later). I think this outfit embodies the less-is-more, minimalist trend, but is still feminine and fun. It can be paired with so many different accessories and is truly a “throw and go” for wherever your weekend might take you. It makes it easy to focus more on the present and worry less about what you’re wearing, without sacrificing style! ❤

Hope y’all have a nice, long Labor Day weekend! Special thanks to one of my fave spots in Tampa, On Swann, for letting me hang out for the afternoon.

xx Hannah
Dress: Michael by Michael Kors (available in multiple colors / patterns, mine is currently on major sale!)
Bag: Givenchy 
Shoes: Steve Madden 
Sunglasses: Prada
Photography: Grace Studio